National Partnership on Alcohol Misuse and Crime Study

  • National Partnership on Alcohol Misuse and Crime Study: Published in 2009 by NPAMC, this study explores the prevalence of drug and alcohol dependence amongst individuals who enter the criminal justice system. This study examines social and physiological effects of drug and alcohol dependence and abuse on individuals and how these factor into crime. NPAMC provides suggestions for effective interventions that criminal justice professionals can use in order to reduce recidivism and enhance recovery, which include drug and alcohol monitoring, therapeutic drugs and expanding the use of treatment services. Significant findings of this study included that “The criminal justice system should strive to increase rates of screening for alcohol and drugs given the high probability of drug and alcohol problems…The longer an individual is abstinent from alcohol, the greater the opportunity for cognitive recovery.” Download Improving Criminal Justice Interventions for People with Drug and Alcohol
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